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Our commercial clients include those in the seafood, dairy, meat and wine industries ,along with other food-based manufacturers that require their production areas to meet stringent food hygiene standards.

The specialised products that Construction Coatings use regularly on our many commercial contracts include; Allnex’s Aquaguard, Fibreclene, Sureshield, Terraflake and Terratuff.

Specialist coatings refer to adhesive products that are tailor-made to protect and improve the appearance of a given material. If this definition sounds similar to that of normal paint, you’d be correct, however, the key distinction between specialist coatings and regular paint is customisation.

For instance, the formula of a specialist coating might include additives designed to increase resistance to heat, excessive wear and tear, or other environmental conditions. In addition, there are specialist coatings designated for various types of surfaces, like concrete floors, industrial equipment, pavement, roofs, and more.

Ultimately, specialist coatings hone in on the needs of a specific commercial enterprise, alongside the specialised materials present in the facility, to deliver optimal long-lasting protection complete with aesthetic appeal.

Mighty Mix Premium Dog Food Company

The photos below show our team laying a 60 m2 Allnex Sureshield flooring system in a newly built premium dog food manufacturing facility in Blenheim.

This flooring system is at the top end of the Allnex range and is used in many food and beverage manufacturing plants such as, seafood, dairy and meat production facilities. The features and benefits of this system include being hard-wearing and durable, non-slip, impact resistant, thermal shock resistant, chemical and food acid resistant, non porous (seamless), and easy to clean.

This flooring system is the bulletproof solution to many uncompromising substrates, as a 10mm floor coat, it hides all the imperfections below for a flawless commercial-grade finish.


Wairau Hospital Hydrotherapy Pool

The architect’s original brief was for vinyl to be installed to the concourse of the new Hydrotherapy Pool at Wairau Hospital in Blenheim.

After some discussion about the ability of the proposed vinyl flooring and fibreglass to remain waterproof, an executive decision was made to replace the vinyl with Allnex Traxite Colourfine, as the resins are compatible. This is the type of professional insight and foresight our experienced team can provide.

Finally, the colour match of Pumice and Fog was selected and Construction Coatings Nelson Limited were awarded the contract to install the pool’s specialist coatings.

The photos tell the story with a great finish, stunning colours and a very happy client.


Sealord Wetfish Nelson

Sealord Wetfish F1 Process Room floors had done their time, through excessive wear and tear typical of commercial factories. The floors were discoloured and porous and had some issues where machinery and walls had been moved.

Construction Coatings Limited were invited to prepare a proposal to solve the problems and refurbish the 1440m2 floor with most of the equipment remaining in place. The time frame was a tight 20-day period over the Christmas shutdown, in which our team of experts would complete the entire job, including new linings to some 197m2 of drains, and 396 lineal metres of joints to be cut out and sealed.

Allnex Traxite VE was chosen for the speed of installation, and the durability in a critical hygiene environment.

With product ordered well in advance, and a team of Construction Coatings staff, contractors and Sealord staff prepared to optimise the time allowed, the job was completed on time and on budget. A long-lasting and successful result for Sealords.